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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Medical Dragon Team Movie

This is the best medical drama which I've been watched. I would recommend you could buy the movie series.

Medical Dragon Team (医龍- Iryū) is about Japanese medical care written by Akira Nagai and drawn by Taro Nogizaka, under medical supervision by Mie Yoshinuma. It has been adapted into the television drama Iryu, and Iryu 2.

Team Medical Dragon is a manga that revolves around a genius surgeon by the name of Asada Ryutaro. His methods have made him somewhat a renegade in the eyes of most Japanese doctors. Team Medical Dragon reveals the "illness" of the Japanese hospitals and how their system is not designed to help the planet.

Ryutaro Asada, a renegade but brilliant surgeon, was being framed for a misdiagnosis and let go by the North Japanese Hospital. He went into exile and lived in a seaside shack when he was visited by Akira Kato, assistant professor of the Faculty of Cardiac Surgery at Meishin University Medical Hospital.

Despite being a female doctor, Akira managed to become an assistant professor. She was ambitious and set her goal to be promoted to full professor by succeeding in a surgery using the Batista technique — an extremely difficult type of heart surgery — and to write a paper on it. A year ago, Akira witnessed Ryutaro's skills when he was an NGO doctor and was impressed enough to seek his assistance in the Batista technique.

This drama exposed the difficulties encountered in the rigid Japanese medical professions in treating patients whereby decisions made were based more on protecting the hospitals than the patients.

This is the song I most like for this movie

Pet Society - Sticker

Pet Society has new feature now. You could send sticker to your friend and see who is the 1st one could complete the collection.

It is easy. Just click on the icon beside the Camera

After you click, it will come out a collection book. You will see a book like as below

Click on the Purple bookmark button in the book (right on the bottom of the book), then it will bring you to your FB friend list. You could select 8 people per day who you would like to send the sticker. Once you have sent, it will depends on whether your friends will send back any sticker for you or not.

Also, you could click on the Blue narrow which is for you to view how many sticker you have been collected. Once you have been collected the sticker, it will stick in your book and you will bee how many you have for current. For example: I’ve 1 sticker under Toy’s categories now.

You also could check your friend’s collection status by click on the icon which in top of your friend’s pet hygiene bar

So go to Pet Society to send the sticker everyday, you will get surprise on what sticker you will have.

Monday, September 28, 2009

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